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Download The Smiling Man Short Movie HD 1080p – The beauty of the short story is that it highlights a particular moment, without worrying too much about the hows and whys, but rather places us in the same shoes as the main protagonist when they are first faced with the dilemma or unpleasant surprise. But while AJ Briones’s ‘The Smiling Man’ is a surface suspense thriller, the message may be interpreted by your own ways due to its intended openness.

the smiling man

There is nothing more terrifying than being a child alone in an empty house, with a monster lurking around. The Smiling Man takes all the essentials of the thriller to make our bones chill one frame at a time, climaxing to a brilliant character representation to freshen up our nightmares.

  • Movie Type – Suspense/Horror
  • Country – United States
  • Starring – Strange Dave, Mellisa Chally, Abby Chally


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