How To Fix Slow WordPress Site Speed In 2023

Fix Slow WordPress Site Speed– Loading speed is very important for a website. Because Google also gives priority to only those websites on its Search Engine Result Page (SERP), which are fast loading. Fast Loading Speed ​​not only reduces the Bounce Rate. Rather, it also gives a lot of benefits in SERP Ranking.

That is why if you are a WordPress user and want to make your slow WordPress site fast, then this article is especially for you. Because in this article you will know how to make a slow WordPress website fast. So let’s know in detail.

How To Fix Slow WordPress Site Speed In 2023

WordPress Fast Loading Speed

As you all know that at this time we are living in the era of 5G. And speed is one of our biggest priorities. But if you are a blogger then this year (2022) can be very difficult for you. Because after the start of the 5G service, the meaning of speed will change completely. And the site loading time will be greatly reduced. That is, the speed which is considered fast today, after the start of 5G service, will come in the category of Average or Low. That is why if you are a blogger then you should always be ready to deal with this situation.

Although there is already so much competition in the field of blogging! For a blogger to maintain the ranking of his blog is not less than a challenge. But in 2022 this task is going to be even more challenging. Because after the start of 5G service, the meaning of speed and SEO will change completely. That is why you have to keep everything up-to-date from the structure of your website to the design, SEO, user interface, articles, and ranking. Also, you have to walk a step ahead of your competitors. Only then will you be able to survive in the field of blogging.

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But this work is not such an easy task. If you are a blogger, then you must be well aware that many times the website does not get a good ranking even after lakhs of effort. In such a situation, the question arises what can be the reasons for the slow loading of the website? And how can fix them?

So there can be many reasons for this. For example, the SEO of the website is not good, the quality of the content is poor, etc. But the loading speed of the website can also be a big reason for this. Because Slow Loading Speed ​​has a bad effect on the ranking of the website.

Slow WordPress Site?

If You Are A WordPress User And Your Website Is Getting Slow Loading! So it is very important for you to know how to fix a slow WordPress site. That is, how to make it fast? Because if your website is taking more time to load. So it means that the website has some shortcomings. And because of this, the bounce rate of the website can increase. Also, the ranking of the website can go down. That’s why this guide is very important for you.

By the way, you must have understood that what matters is the loading speed of a website in the field of blogging. Still, let me tell you that the speed of your WordPress website will not be good in 2022! So the website will have a lot of trouble getting the rank on Google’s Search Engine Results page.

If you are also worried about the speed of your website. Want to know more about how to fix your slow WordPress site? So read this article till the end. Because today in this article I will tell you how to optimize your WordPress website to get a ranking on Google. So let’s know how to increase the speed of your WordPress website in the shortest possible time.

Reasons for being slow WordPress site

Now the question is, what can be the reason for slowing down of a WordPress website? So there can be many reasons for the WordPress websites being slow. For example, using heavy themes, using excessive plugins, not using a CDN, etc. But not until you understand these reasons properly! Till then you will not be able to solve them properly. That is why let us understand these reasons very well:-

1. Cheap and Bad Hosting Service

  • Web hosting service means a lot for a website. Because the whole website rests on this. In such a situation, you yourself can understand how harmful a bad hosting service can be for a website. Well, this can be the biggest reason for your WordPress website being slow.
  • Because of what kind of hosting you are using, and how you are getting Ram, Bandwidth, Speed, Server Up Time, etc. services in your hosting service, it matters a lot.
  • When the speed of your hosting service is right, then only the speed of your website will be correct. Therefore, to fix the slow WordPress site, first of all choose the best hosting.

2. Using More Plugins

  • Plugins play a very important role in building a WordPress site and making the website beautiful. But sometimes we also use some unnecessary plugins to make the website more attractive. Due to this, the loading speed of the website becomes slow.
  • Because some plugins are very heavy and harm the website instead of helping the website. So avoid using unnecessary plugins. Use only as many plugins as the website needs.

3. Not Compressing Images

  • If you are using Shared Hosting! So using large-size images also affects the speed of the website. Because large-size images slow down the website.
  • That is why the website takes more time to load. Due to this, the loading time of the website increases. Therefore, it is very important to compress the image before using it in the article.
  • You can use CompressJPG and TinyPNG websites to compress the image. The use of images up to 100 KB is considered ideal for a website.

4. Not Cache the Website

  • You must know about the importance of caching. Suppose a user sends a request to the browser to open your website, asking to open its files including all the images and scripts on the site. Now to complete this request, the server searches for that file, or image, in which it takes a few seconds.
  • But Cache works between User and Server. Cache works to save repeated requests of the same type with itself. So that the server does not have to search for the same request of the user again. Now when the user makes the same request again, this request does not go to the server and goes to the first cache. And what the user wants comes openly in front of him.
  • The cache allows only those requests to the server, which are new, and are not saved in the cache. Due to this, the speed of the website increases. If you are not using Cache on your website, then the user’s request has to search the server again and again. which takes time. And your website is slow to load.

5. Using OutDated Theme or PHP

  • For best performance, it is very important that the theme and plugin of your WordPress site be updated. If your website is slow even after updating the theme, then it may be that you are using Outdate php. You can contact your hosting provider to update PHP.

How To Fix Slow WordPress Site?

Just above I told the reason for slowing down of WordPress site. So let’s talk about ways to increase the speed of your slow WordPress site.

1. Using Good Web Hosting

Above you have seen how important the hosting service is for the speed of the website. So choose good hosting for the website.

For good hosting, it is not necessary that you take expensive hosting. There are many hosting companies in the hosting industry that provide cheap web hosting service. In which you get to see very good Server UP Time.

2. WordPress Caching Plugin

Use Caching plugin to increase the speed of your website. There are many free plugins available for this. Using which you can fix your slow WordPress site. For this you can use the following plugins-

  • WP Engine Caching
  • WP Super Cache
  • LiteSpeed Cache

3. Optimize Images

To increase the speed of the website, use images of size less than 100 or 100kb. And try that the format of the image used in your website is the same. Do not do that ever you are using high resolution images. And sometimes using low resolution images.

4. Keep WordPress Site Updated

Keep your WordPress website plugin and theme updated. Because by updating WordPress Theme and Plugin, the bug fixes with the old version, which helps in improving the site performance.

Along with this, WordPress and its themes add new features in each of its updates, and remove those features which are unworkable in the old version. So to use them also it is necessary to update WordPress. So that they do not disturb the loading time of the website.

5. Using Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network, is used to load the content of the website quickly. So that the time taken for requests between the user and the server is reduced. Bounce rate is also reduced due to the fast loading of the website. Due to which the ranking of your website increases.

Suppose you are a user and you visit our website, then the web hosting of our website redirects your request to the hosting server. CDN technology connects to the nearest server to that location. With this, the user can easily access our site.

Cloudflare is one of the most popular Content Delivery Network Provider companies. Here you can use your CDN for your website for free.

6. Don’t Use Slow WordPress Theme

Theme is the main role for the website. So before choosing a theme for your website, check its rating. Along with this, also see whether updates come from time to time in the theme or not. Because when the theme gets updated from time to time, then its bugs get fixed. Apart from this, many new features are also added to the updated theme.

Also, when choosing a theme for your website, it is important to pay special attention to speed. Some beautiful and impressive-looking themes are really heavy or poorly coding which can slow down your site.

So it is usually better to go with a simple theme than to choose a theme loaded with complex, flashy animations and other unnecessary features. And you can make your website attractive by using well designed WordPress plugin.

There are premium WordPress themes like StudioPress, Themify, CSSIgniter, Neve and Astra, which are not coding heavy, and are optimized for your speed.

7. Use Latest Plugins

Use the latest and updated plugins just like the theme. Before installing the plugin, check the user rating and also see whether your plugin is compatible with your WordPress or not? Because there are also some plugins that are outdated and they do not match with your theme and WordPress version, due to which they do not work properly on our website, and the speed of the website is affected.

Along with this, avoid using heavy plugins on your website. Because some designing plugins are very heavy coded, which your website does not need at all. And unnecessarily reduces your website speed.

8. Minimize External HTTP Requests

Many WordPress plugins and themes load all kinds of files from other websites. These files may include scripts, stylesheets, and images from external resources such as Google, Facebook, services, etc. It’s okay to use some of these.

But if your plugins are making a lot of these requests, it can slow down your website significantly. You can reduce all these external HTTP requests by minifying scripts and styles or combining them into a single file.

9. Reduce Ads on Website

Showing too many ads also takes a lot of time for the website to load. Many times you must have seen that on a site like News, many advertisements open together on the same page. Because they are engaged in Auto Ads, which make themselves visible anywhere in the content of the website.

Which is the content (Image, Text) of the website. It takes some time to make its place, due to which it also takes time to load, and website speed gets affected. So apply Manual Ads, and do Ads Placement properly.

Slow WordPress Site : Summary

Now you must have understood that due to which the speed of your website slows down. And how can you fix it?

In this post, I have explained all the methods, using which you can fix the speed of your website in a few hours. Fixing website speed will also help you in ranking in Google.

We hope this article has helped you to know how to fix slow WordPress site? And how to improve the performance of the website.

Slow WordPress Site : FAQs

Question 1. Why is it important to do caching in the website?
Answer: To increase the speed of the website, it is very necessary to have caching in the website. This increases the loading speed of your website. Due to the good speed of the website, the bounce rate of your site also decreases. Due to which the ranking of the website increases.

Question 2. How To Increase The Loading Speed Of Slow WordPress Site?
Answer: To increase the loading speed of the website, you can follow the following methods-

  • Choose the best web hosting.
  • Use CND.
  • Use Cache Plugin in WordPress site.
  • Minimize external HTTP requests.
  • Use cool and user-friendly themes.
  • Keep WordPress Theme and Plugin up-to-date.

Question 3. Why should a CDN be used in a blog?
Answer: By using CND in the blog, the content loading of your site does not take time. CDN loads the content of your site quickly. There are many benefits of using a CDN-

  • Increases website speed.
  • Prevents your server from crashing.
  • Makes the user experience great.
  • Reduces Bounce Rate.



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